Mar 13, 2008


It has been a while since I have actually typed in any of the blogs, so I thought I would a take moment and reflect on this past year. Wow!! So much has happened. To start with, this time last year I was walking everywhere in hopes that Colin Daniel would come out to play. My mom came out thinking he was coming early, and soon found herself out here for a month. I loved the company and finding things out about her that I might never have known if it weren’t for those long walks to encourage labor.
I realize that no woman has ever been pregnant forever, but it sure felt like he was taking up permanent residence in my uterus. He made his existence known through heartburn, Braxton Hicks, constant rumbling around in there, and the look of anticipation on his daddy’s face. Goodness knows we aren’t hurting for any estrogen around here, and by God’s grace, we are now balanced out with the ‘boyness’ that is Colin. He came and our world grew by one and more wonderfully complicated.
As I type, he is getting into the clothes drawer and turning his head around to give me a smile that could melt the iciest heart. I learn so much from him even at his age.
The things I learned include the following:
*Smile and the whole world will smile back.
*Laugh and it will be contagious.
*It can be lots of fun to make a mess.
*It is not nice to bite hard when giving a kiss.
*Don’t get frustrated when you can’t do something; try harder.
*Only cry if it really hurts.
*Sleep is important for everyone.
*Have fun even if you are just having your diaper changed.
*The world is a beautiful place to explore.
*It is good to be Colin (and Colin’s mommy).

Ironically, I have learned these things from Chris as well. Another ‘man’ has captured my heart.