Nov 29, 2007

What does that say?

I figured I would get few inquiries regarding this blog's site name. It is a play on the song by Marc Cohn. When we explained to our then two year old Caitlyn that we were moving to Memphis, she called it 'Menchis'.

That was over five years ago and amazing things have happen for our little family here by the Ole' Muddy River. One of these blessings is three years old and the other just turned 8 months.

I have been inspired by a few friends that have been very loyal bloggers to join the parade of mommy bloggers. I just wanted a place to share cute sayings and musings of our everyday life in Memphis with our family in the Valley. Phone calls are too short to share it all and my brain doesn't think past the present lately. I will also post Caitlyn's homeschool projects for her grandparents to see. Dioramas and the like don't mail easily.
Until next time...