Jul 3, 2009

She's Nine

She started out as ‘the baby’ and quickly went through nicknames trying to capture all the facets of our little angel. Mwost Beautiful, Just Wittle, Sugar Bee, KK, Rosey Posey of the World, Rosey Toes, and many more that fell short of describing what she meant to so many.
Caitlyn has the distinction of the being the first grandchild on both sides of her family. From the moment we knew she was coming, many began to imagine all that she would be as we watched her wiggle in the womb. She arrived and the drama that is Caity began. She gave us all a scare and came out of it just fine. She arrived home and cried so much that I freaked out and immediately took her elsewhere to escape the tiny box of heat that was our apartment. I watched her day and night praying that she would be safe and happy all of her life. Hey, I was a hormonal mom and nothing was a good as her chest heaving sighs of contentment.
As the years went on Caity, I mean Rose, has had many more moments of dissatisfaction with her surroundings and events in her life. It wasn’t until just recently that I saw the change that has been happening right under my nose. She is not a little girl but a young lady.
She is just nine, so she is not immune to outbursts and fits of anger. It is while watching her play with her brother and sister that one can see her maturity emerging. She has taken on many new responsibilities on her own to prove that she is a big girl. I often come down the stairs to find her attempts of helping me out by cleaning, re-organizing, cooking, and ‘baby-sitting’.
The biggest change for her will happen this school year. Chris and I have decided that with our big move to Phoenix, we will re-enroll her in the public school system. She is ready. I am not. I am excited about this opportunity for many reasons, but I am going to miss her. I have really enjoyed hanging out with her this summer. The fights and screams of the past two years are fading from my mind and being replaced with laughing, talking, dreaming, and discovering of self.
I am reminded of the first day of kindergarten for her four years ago. She waved good-bye and confidently walked into her classroom. It wasn’t until I got home to the silence that I realized she was on to the next chapter in her life. I cried happy tears and a little bit of selfish mommy tears. She blossomed that year. I know she will this year too. I will miss her and will look forward to her vivacious chatter in the evenings. She is nine and growing up and I can’t stop it. I will just let her go and be there to catch her as she learns all of life’s bumps and bruises and love her as she experiences all the wonderful things about living her life.

Happy 9th birthday to Rose. AKA Rosey Toes