Nov 14, 2008

Stitches and Cell Phones

What a day!  I went to grab my usual cup of coffee and found myself in pleasant conversation with Caitlyn.  I went to check on the too quiet pair of Malena and Colin.  I saw Colin standing up on the bench and encouraged him down from his post.  It was then that he gave a whimper that alerted me to the gash in his finger.  (It was from a broken window that is to be fixed on Monday.) Having had an eventful past week I used my newly acquired knowledge about lacerations and promptly put pressure on the wound.  I sat for about 30 minutes where I found myself questioning my motherhood instincts and called the triage nurse.  She did her best to assure me that all was well, but if I really wanted our doctor to see him that she would make an appointment.  

We got there and he was lifeless.  For those of you who know him, you understand how this was abnormal.  I knew he had to be in pain, but he was so strong and only whined a little bit.  The doctor sent us to the emergency room and warned me that this would not be  a pleasant experience.

We have awesome neighbors who happened to be home, so I took advantage of this and sent the girls over to play while I went back to the place Colin was born to fix the damage.   Long story short, he needed three big stitches on his tiny finger.  These days we think of him as a 'big boy'.  Today was a knock in the head as to how young he still is.  He was so good. That is putting it mildly as he charmed the ER.  The doctor and all the nurses commented on how quiet he was being.  They thought that he must be a quiet little boy. HA!!!!  No, he was just in pain.  He sang his ABC's and Itsy Bitsy Spider while we were waiting.   I hate that this happened, but I also will cherish those few hours of being able to have him to myself.

He came home and slept for three hours.  During his long nap, Caity took the opportunity of my sitting down to spill the beans on her whole life.  She started in Kindergarten and worked her way up to Third grade.  Whew!  The gist I got was that she likes herself and that she is a bit odd.  She loves all her family.  Arizona is her real home.  She likes homeschooling. (That was nice surprise.) She wants a cell phone.  A WHAT?  Apparently, other phones have germs.  She needs her privacy, and they are just cool.  

It has been a full day, and now I am off to bed for some sleep before another eventful day.  I hope not as eventful as today.