Jul 31, 2008

Caity Loves to Perform

We got back her recital DVD and have tried every way I know how to post it.  I guess they protected the DVD from recordings.  I will have to lend it out and pass it around to all the family who care to see it.  I must say that it was a huge improvement over last year's recital that left all of us wondering what they learned all year. 

 She is constantly talking to herself in the mirror and putting on shows.  I wonder from where she gets that trait.  I haven't posted all the videos I promised with the beginning of school being so hectic.  More on that later.  Here is another video of Caity being Caity.  I think she is permanently in a state of acting.  She rarely turns 'it' off and usually only when Mom and Dad have informed her that she needs to come back to reality for a particular moment.  

Jul 25, 2008

Commercial Produced By Caity

This is the second installment of the day that Caity got to express herself through the video camera.  This is great example of the girls' relationship with one another.  They adore each other, but Malena will not let big sister rule her world.  Caity can appear to be giving Malena a hug and in actuality be threatening her very being.  That explains the crying after a seemingly loving embrace.  Anyway, I found this video entertaining.  I hope you do too.

Jul 24, 2008

Sweet Cha-Little

I gave up control of the video camera to the kids for some fun.  They (Caity mostly) took tons of video.  I have put them into three separate videos for you to enjoy their edited antics.  I have one  that Malena shot, but I will edit out the shots of floors and dolls before I post it.  

We are nearing the end of summer here at our house.  The books and supplies are all organized and ready to go.  We have had such a good time visiting with family and creating wonderful new friendships here in Memphis. 

Colin is now 16 months and a few days old.  He is really trying to communicate in other ways besides his hand signs and grunting.  He is fascinated with hats, balls, and recently trains.  He continues to antagonize and love on his sisters all at the same time.  He has his dad (OK, his mom too.) wrapped around his chubby little pinky.   Life is great.  We are blessed.  Our cups overflow. 

Jul 17, 2008

Family Visit #2

WHEW! What a wonderful couple of weeks it has been with family visits. It was chaotic and fantastic with everything going on in our home. After the Martinez side left, we all got busy doing a few house projects to prepare for the arrival of the White family. Mammaw and Papa watched the kids for two nights in a row while Chris and I prepared for singing at a wedding for co-worker of his. That meant that we would have date night two days in a row. The 45 minute ride allowed us to talk at length without interruption. The bonus was getting to sing in public with Chris again. It brought back many wonderful memories of the beginning of our days together. An even greater bonus was the kids got to spend two nights with Mammaw and Papa White playing hide-n-seek, singing, telling stories, and watching movies. I have great pictures to share, and I will post those later. For now, we are all taking in deep breaths as we prepare and rest up for another year of homeschooling in two weeks.

Jul 4, 2008

Caity Turns Eight!

It is absolutely impossible that our 'baby' just turned eight. I can't even begin to express how much I love the 'Boo". She rolls her eyes when we call her that and countless of other things that we do to embarrass her. She recently said that we have a weird family. I guess in her eyes parents, that do the things that we do, are weird. I prefer to think that someday she will see these days as the best days. Chris and I will for sure.

As parents of Caitlyn, we are beyond blessed. Caity is a wonderfully complicated, forever giving, deep down sweet-to-the-core little girl. Excuse me, she isn't a little girl anymore. She is a big girl who teaches us about ourselves, the world, and ensures we know just where she stands on important life issues. She is spectacular big sister who is adored by both of her siblings. Yes, I know It is only her eighth birthday. I also know we will blink and another eight years will pass, and she will be on the heels of her own life adventures. That time will come too soon in my opinion, so for now I want to hold her tight and tell her how much we love her. Happy birthday Boo! We love you!

Jul 2, 2008

Family Visit #1

As always , we have so much fun when we have family in town.  This time we were blessed to have six people in town to celebrate (very early) Caity's eighth birthday.  Natalie and Marty were kind to include our house on their way to Kentucky for a gig Wednesday night.  Mamaw and David were able to make it as well.  Malena has a new best friend-- Isabelle  that she is convinced will come to our house 'tomorrow.'   Here are photos from the day at the zoo.  At first none of the animals were cooperating with us and then the seals andy polar bears saved the day with great entertainment.  We love you and miss you already.