Jun 27, 2008

Our June

June has been fantastic despite Chris' insane  travel schedule.  I am so impressed by Chris and his ability to balance his work this month with his favorite role as Dad. Caity has completed her softball season while learning valuable life lessons that seem even harder, as her mom, to let her experience. She had a few great hits and wants to try again next year. Malena fascinates me with her ability to dissolve any tense situation with her humor.  Colin is now fifteen months and learning new things everyday.  He, too, has a great sense of humor even though he is the only one who gets the punchline.  We all laugh despite our ignorance.  I am thrilled that July is here to bring us family visits from both sides of the family, Caity's birthday, and Dad back home where he belongs.  

Jun 3, 2008

More Simple Moments

Jun 2, 2008

Typical Day Part One

Jun 1, 2008

Big Tuesday

WARNING: These next few posts are purely to catch up family with all that is going on in the kids' lives. They may seem mundane to the common viewer, but they are just capturing the everyday joy in my life. They have no real purpose other than to share that joy with you all. It sometimes is the simple things that I love the most.