Oct 29, 2008

Caity's Halloween Story

Caity has been doing quick stories to get some practice with stories in written form.  Many of you know that Cate's oral stories go on and on, so it has been a challenge for her.  

She was given five words that she had to use in a short story with a twenty minute time allowance.  Ghost, house, rain, lightning, and chains were the words and the following story is what she wrote.

It was a lightning and a ghost night in fact. There was a house.  In the house there was a boy named Max and he was afraid of ghosts.  Max believed that ghosts don't like chains, so he put chains all over his room.  His parents were worried about Max.  The mom had an idea. Since it rained yesterday too, let's read a story about ghosts.  Max started to get more chains.  After he heard that ghosts were nice he started to like ghosts.  


We all wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Oct 25, 2008

Fabulous Fall

Chris and I made an unconscious decision to embrace all that fall has to offer for us.  We have lived here in Memphis for six years and never joined in any of the fall traditions.  Maybe it is because we are constantly reminded that Boo is getting older and wanting to savor every bit of  her young childhood she has left, or it could be as simple as not being pregnant or breastfeeding for the first time in  the last eight years that we feel the call to join in with the other crazy families in the community events.  

So far this year, we have enjoyed museums, corn mazes, parks, inviting more people into our home, reaching out and connecting with other young families, and last night going to the zoo for some good wholesome Halloween fun.  
Perhaps I am making too big of a deal out of these simple experiences, but on this Saturday morning I am watching three of the most wonderful kids sit down TOGETHER to watch James and the Giant Peach while laughing and joking with one another and I am overwhelmed.  How did this happen?  OK, I know HOW, but it has hit me that our family is complete. 
 In the past, I would be sitting here wondering what we would be like with just one more baby and day dreaming about a bigger home, nicer things, or just a different set of circumstances altogether.  I sat down for the first time and was just grateful.  
This feeling comes after one of the worst weeks as far as parenting goes.  Colin is my greatest challenge and I am still learning the balancing act of mom, teacher, counselor, playmate, wife, volunteer, homemaker and friend.  I failed horribly this week.  I was not the mom or any of my given roles that I want to be.  I don't have a success story of how I have gotten out of this 'Mom Funk' I am going through this month.  I just have a content and hopeful heart that next week will be better.  Either that or it's the two cups of coffee I have downed this morning talking.

Oct 18, 2008

Busy Bees


  We have settled back into our routines.  Colin is nearing 19 months and will soon be baptized in November.  His vocabulary increases with each grow-up moment he experiences.  He can now scale the security gates and jump off of high places.  His latest saying is, "Oh Man!''  This usually follows a scolding to not do the before mentioned new skills.  He is full of life and continues to bring us all much joy.  His sisters like him most of the time and love him all of the time.

  Malena started dance and is loving it immensely.  She especially likes that she gets to use scarves and wands as she prances around to popular tunes like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The end of class they do a bit of hip hop.  Trust me, it is the highlight of the class.  Malena's favorite activity is whatever Caity is doing and whatever Caity does not want her to do.  I guess they are typical sisters.  They are starting to seek out time apart which is nice for everyone.  The drama stops for a few minutes and we all take a deep breath.
Caity has started her second quarter in school and decided that she likes history the best with all of the 'real-life adventures'.  She also gives her opinion on people in our history that she does not approve of their actions.   I don't have the heart to tell her that her new invention  is cinnamon toast.  It is her way of making dessert for everyone.  She does make it a bit more complex with mixing the ingredients.  Her mind is full of ways that she can serve and spread love; a quality that Chris and I benefit from on a daily basis.

I recently went for a job and have come to the conclusion that it was not to be (for now).   After a week like last, I am sure that it is for the better.  All in His time, right?