Mar 24, 2008

Spring Break

We tried to make the most of our week break from school. It was very low key and relaxing for all of us. This is a short video to show some of the fun we had. The weather cooperated, so we spent much of the time out in the fresh air. Caity even ran her first 1.5 mile. She pushed through it and had a wonderful feeling of success afterwards. I know it is only a matter of time until she surpasses my endurance. Malena had fun with some alone moments with Mom. (Mom enjoyed that too.) Colin turned one and seems to have become a typical crazy little boy over night.
We went back at it today to finish up the last eight weeks of school. Everyone was refreshed and ready to go until Colin decided that he was going to be as difficult as possible. I hope it is just teething and not a new pattern of behavior. We will probably figure out these new dynamics just in time for summer vacation only to be faced with the new prospect of homeschooling a third and pre-kindergartner with an eighteen month-old running around the house. Yikes! I think I need another break.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had much fun over the break. Thanks for sharing. Loved the zippity doo and the bubbles for the helicopter.