Mar 19, 2008

One Proud Mama

A few days ago, I had a moment of peace seeing that despite my shortcomings our children can turn out okay. We went to the Easter Eggstravaganza in Germantown with our neighbor. It sounded like so much fun for the girls, and we weren’t the only ones that thought this would be a wonderful to begin Spring Break. Wow! To start we had to park a mile away from the event. Caity was fine and, remarkably, the three-year-olds did not complain one iota. As we got closer, we heard numerous warnings about how many people were there. We all nodded politely and continued naively to the fun we were expecting. Right as we got there the fire engine sounded. That was the beginning of the hunt. We quickly got our game plan going and went to the separate baseball fields to hunt for eggs. Caity ran out to search just as the other kids were coming back with their baskets brimming with plastic eggs filled with prizes. I saw something on Caity’s face that surprised me, a wide smile. It turned out another girl saw Caity’s lonely basket and handed her three eggs of her own. We talked about how cool that was and mentioning we should remember this the next time we have what others don’t. As we met up with the girls, I saw unexpected smiles too, and their baskets were empty. I panicked as I envisioned screams of ‘I want” and “That’s not fair”. We listened to the girls explain what their lack of hunt was like, all about the cute doggy they got to pet, and the funny picture they took to celebrate their lack of eggs. (I don’t have that photo yet) I looked down as Caity reached into her basket and handed each little girl one egg. We continued on our way to the fun activities only to discover that they were closing. Each line we got in was closed just as we reached the end of the wait. Yes, the girls were disappointed, but they were just so happy to hang out together that it did not matter. I still have not heard one ‘poor me’ comment still. Instead, I am hearing what we can do better next year. I am one proud mama.


Anonymous said...

I am one proud Grandma. I always knew my grandkids were special.

Anonymous said...

And a proud Uncle and Aunt. You have amazing children!