Mar 24, 2008

Spring Break

We tried to make the most of our week break from school. It was very low key and relaxing for all of us. This is a short video to show some of the fun we had. The weather cooperated, so we spent much of the time out in the fresh air. Caity even ran her first 1.5 mile. She pushed through it and had a wonderful feeling of success afterwards. I know it is only a matter of time until she surpasses my endurance. Malena had fun with some alone moments with Mom. (Mom enjoyed that too.) Colin turned one and seems to have become a typical crazy little boy over night.
We went back at it today to finish up the last eight weeks of school. Everyone was refreshed and ready to go until Colin decided that he was going to be as difficult as possible. I hope it is just teething and not a new pattern of behavior. We will probably figure out these new dynamics just in time for summer vacation only to be faced with the new prospect of homeschooling a third and pre-kindergartner with an eighteen month-old running around the house. Yikes! I think I need another break.

Mar 22, 2008

Colin Loves Cake!

Mar 20, 2008

Colin Turns One!

More pictures and video will be posted later.

Mar 19, 2008

One Proud Mama

A few days ago, I had a moment of peace seeing that despite my shortcomings our children can turn out okay. We went to the Easter Eggstravaganza in Germantown with our neighbor. It sounded like so much fun for the girls, and we weren’t the only ones that thought this would be a wonderful to begin Spring Break. Wow! To start we had to park a mile away from the event. Caity was fine and, remarkably, the three-year-olds did not complain one iota. As we got closer, we heard numerous warnings about how many people were there. We all nodded politely and continued naively to the fun we were expecting. Right as we got there the fire engine sounded. That was the beginning of the hunt. We quickly got our game plan going and went to the separate baseball fields to hunt for eggs. Caity ran out to search just as the other kids were coming back with their baskets brimming with plastic eggs filled with prizes. I saw something on Caity’s face that surprised me, a wide smile. It turned out another girl saw Caity’s lonely basket and handed her three eggs of her own. We talked about how cool that was and mentioning we should remember this the next time we have what others don’t. As we met up with the girls, I saw unexpected smiles too, and their baskets were empty. I panicked as I envisioned screams of ‘I want” and “That’s not fair”. We listened to the girls explain what their lack of hunt was like, all about the cute doggy they got to pet, and the funny picture they took to celebrate their lack of eggs. (I don’t have that photo yet) I looked down as Caity reached into her basket and handed each little girl one egg. We continued on our way to the fun activities only to discover that they were closing. Each line we got in was closed just as we reached the end of the wait. Yes, the girls were disappointed, but they were just so happy to hang out together that it did not matter. I still have not heard one ‘poor me’ comment still. Instead, I am hearing what we can do better next year. I am one proud mama.

Mar 17, 2008



Mar 13, 2008


It has been a while since I have actually typed in any of the blogs, so I thought I would a take moment and reflect on this past year. Wow!! So much has happened. To start with, this time last year I was walking everywhere in hopes that Colin Daniel would come out to play. My mom came out thinking he was coming early, and soon found herself out here for a month. I loved the company and finding things out about her that I might never have known if it weren’t for those long walks to encourage labor.
I realize that no woman has ever been pregnant forever, but it sure felt like he was taking up permanent residence in my uterus. He made his existence known through heartburn, Braxton Hicks, constant rumbling around in there, and the look of anticipation on his daddy’s face. Goodness knows we aren’t hurting for any estrogen around here, and by God’s grace, we are now balanced out with the ‘boyness’ that is Colin. He came and our world grew by one and more wonderfully complicated.
As I type, he is getting into the clothes drawer and turning his head around to give me a smile that could melt the iciest heart. I learn so much from him even at his age.
The things I learned include the following:
*Smile and the whole world will smile back.
*Laugh and it will be contagious.
*It can be lots of fun to make a mess.
*It is not nice to bite hard when giving a kiss.
*Don’t get frustrated when you can’t do something; try harder.
*Only cry if it really hurts.
*Sleep is important for everyone.
*Have fun even if you are just having your diaper changed.
*The world is a beautiful place to explore.
*It is good to be Colin (and Colin’s mommy).

Ironically, I have learned these things from Chris as well. Another ‘man’ has captured my heart.

Mar 10, 2008


Blizzard of '08

Mar 6, 2008


Mar 5, 2008

New Pictures

Mar 4, 2008

Malena Time

I just wanted to show Gracie and all that she is. With all of Colin's new skills, she is having a hard time these days. This is her spotlight moment.

Mar 3, 2008

Candid Caity

Caity is always "on". She is performing even when she thinks no one is watching.

Mar 2, 2008

Colin speaks