Jun 19, 2009

2009 Recital

Here is the dance recital for Caitlyn and Malena. They both did well and I am not biased one bit. Well, perhaps I am. Colin even got some face time as he ran up on stage twice before the show began. He began to shimmy and shake for all to see. Caity has become quite accustomed to dancing in front of others. She says she thinks she is ready to sing in front of others as well. Her talent and passion are growing daily. Malena is quickly becoming a lover of the arts. She recently followed the karaoke tradition in our family by singing Part of Your World by herself complete with hand gestures and emotion. I think that Colin will break this tradition and go for Winnie the Pooh. He will shush anyone who tries to sing it with him and will direct them where to sit if they begin to dance.

I have taken a big break on blogging and I look forward to venting, I mean sharing all the wonderful daily things as things get settled. The next big thing is Caity's ninth birthday. I will post pictures of her first friend party and her first cake she is making. More on things like that later. Happy summer to all of you!