Feb 27, 2009

A special hello

Feb 6, 2009

Malena's thoughts

I find myself cracking up at the antics of all my kids, but Malena has a gift of comedic timing.  I am sure that when I retell her stories I don't do it justice.  That won't stop me, so here are just a few things that Malena has shared with me this week.

  • I think that I want to marry Colin because he is smaller than Dadddy.  I told her that wasn't possible.  She assured me that she won't tell anyone.  It is a secret.
  • It is disgusting when you kiss dad.  Your lips look like frogs.
  • After I am big I want to go into your belly again, 'cause I like it in there.
  • When I came out of the shower I asked her what she was doing. Her reply: I just want to be here because I love you so much.
I am forgetting some I know.  Maybe these are cute just because she is my child, but they brought me a smile.  I hope they bring you a smile too.  

My blogging has been spotty because I am still trying to get Caity's blog up and going.  Thank you to everyone who has checked out her blog and commented.  

Feb 2, 2009

ABCs and 123s

We are getting close to Colin's birthday and I continue to be charmed by his 'all boy' approach to life.  He rarely performs on camera, so this is a peak at Colin talking and singing.  Yes, I realize he is climbing on the chair by the coffee pot that is turned on waiting be consumed.  I chose to capture this moment and quickly guide him somewhere safer to play after the recording.  I wish I could say that he complied and we went on with our day.  Oh, I get excited at the thought of compliance from all three in one day.  A girl can dream, and I do; frequently.  I have come to feel comfort in the loving chaos of our home.  My typing today is accompanied by the laughter, tears, screams, growls, singing, and meowing as the kids play.  Oh sweet chaos!