Jan 30, 2008


These are words that are heard around the house from the angelic faced Malena. I put them all in caps, because that is how she says it. No one better get in her way of experimenting with whatever newly discovered skill she wants to demonstrate. This is difficult for big sister to understand. Up until this week, Caity has been able to treat Malena like a mini me life-sized doll of sorts. The screamed, " I do it myself!" is followed by an even louder, "Fine, I was just trying to help!" bellowed into the ears of little sister. We have tried to explain that help is only help when it is wanted by the one you are trying to help. Wow, that is convoluted! I guess I can see how that is a hard concept to grasp.

Malena is embracing her 'big girl'. She picks out her clothes, dresses herself, potties, helps make her lunch, pours her milk, and whatever else Malena wants to do. She absolutely refuses help. At her first dentist appointment yesterday, the dentist kept asking her if she wanted to hold a hand, doll, or anything to comfort her. She was obviously scared as there were tears welled up in her eyes. She would not have anything or anyone comfort her. It was probably a good look into the future with our Malena. We can't figure out where she gets that stubbornness. OK, stop laughing. I guess Chris and I had it coming.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I can just hear the exchange between the girls. Oh my! I hope this phase or minimizes before the end of June!
Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

JMHO but reminds me of a little sister I grew up with. LOL

Aunt M