Jan 18, 2008

Compare/Contrast Paragraph

Caity had an assignment this week to compare and contrast something in a 10 sentence paragraph. She chose to do it on the fictional characters found in the popular Junie. B. Jones book series. This is what she wrote.

Junie B. Jones and Lucille are best friends, but they are different.
They both love Grace as a friend. They go to the same school and class. There is more to say. Lucille looks good when she goes to school. She wears expensive clothes. When her school picture came back, she looked like a star model. Junie looks funky. She has funny clothes and messed up hair even on a picture day. Lucille is rich and Junie B. is not. They are best friends, but they are not the same.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a good paragraph! We are impressed. I had fourth graders who could not write that well. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Caity, you are so smart, keep up the great work! We loved the paragraph.

Aunt Patti and Uncle Jason

Darna said...

I think Caity's emphasis of how the two girls are best friends, but different, is a genius way to remind us that we CAN be different from our very best friends, and it's okay!

Anonymous said...

Hello my Caity, What a great paragraph! I enjoyed reading it. I could really understand and appreciate the girls likes and differences from your creative discription. You are a really good writer! Love, Mamma Tinez