Jan 14, 2008

Crusing, Writing, and Regrouping

We had a fun weekend with a long overdue get together with our new neighbor friends. The girls had such a good time playing upstairs while the adult-kids played Guitar Hero. Chris is still champion, but I am gaining on him.

Colin has been busy figuring out the cruising phase of his exploration. He keeps falling, but stays determined none-the-less.

Malena has completed her Kumon tracing book which means she has demonstrated the appropriate pencil skills to begin writing her letters. She is very excited at this new prospect and is beginning to see that being a 'big girl' has some advantages. Let's hope that encourages her to complete the ultimate big girl step... fingers crossed.

Caity is back in full swing with the new addition of piano lessons. She is loving her new teacher and Malena and Colin enjoy playing with the teacher's children during the lesson. This gives Mom a much appreciated mental break. Caity is now regrouping in her subtraction math problems. The best thing I have heard in along time is when she said, "That's it? That's easy." I guess all the pre-regrouping skills we have been working on actually helped. Thank you Horizon Math.

This week is crazy busy and I am loving every bit of it. I won't bore you with the details, I will just say that I feel incredibly blessed these days with the people that God has brought into all of our lives.


Anonymous said...

You are certainly catching the personalities of the kids. Malena looks so much older! I can't wait until June when we come!!!

Darna said...

It sounds like you are very busy! Are you still homeschooling? Tell me about the Kumon book that Malena just finished, please. Hope you're doing well!