Apr 28, 2008

Nashville Half Marathon

I will break from tradition and post mainly about the adults this time. WE had a good time running the Nashville Half-marathon this past weekend. Being a newbie, I was quite pleased with my results. I had two of the best coaches, Chris and Patti, who have ran races before this one. I went through a myriad of emotions the previous three months preparing for this goal of mine. Even on race day, I when through the shakes (adrenaline rush I think), nauseous, tears (a lot of those!), and frustration when my body just wanted to quit. We all finished and I am so proud of us. The hills were unexpected, but it added to the accomplishment. I definitely want to run another race. Here is a video of the highlights.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Love it. I had such a great time!!!

Jenia said...

we enjoyed your video, too! i'm quite impressed with your running...somehow, i don't know that i would ever pull that off...

we had snow here last weekend, but they're promising a "warm up" to the 50's and 60's...that's warm?!? in almost may?!? yikes.