Apr 5, 2008

Another List

I love lists. I come by this quite naturally as I grew up with lists as a form to organize thoughts, to-dos, and make life decisions.
For you faithful readers you may recall one of the first posts stating why boys are so great. I also mentioned that I am fully aware that one day I could post one about why girls are so great. That time has come. I didn’t realize that the inevitable would happen so soon. Wow! Colin turned one and change almost over night. Some of the change is just in contrast to the age that the girls are at right now, but some of it is pure Venus vs. Mars. He is still the sweetest boy ever; however, he also has become one of the craziest as well. Rather than make this about Colin, I want to state some of the reasons why girls are great too.

1. They are content to sit and read books
2. They are content to sit and play anything
3. They are content to sit and sing songs (Do you see the theme appearing?)
4. They tend to be patient
5. They play nicely without hurting each other. ( most of the time)
6. They clean up their toys and take pride in doing so.
7. They are emotional creatures that understand if mom needs a good cry (sometimes joining in)
8. They are always teaching me something new about myself.
9. They try so hard to do what is right
10. They are Caitlyn and Malena and that is as good as any reason


Anonymous said...

I agree. Caity and Malena are that way because of the great mom and dad that they have who have guided them so well.