Mar 26, 2009

Snow Days

I can remember being incredibly excited to go and romp around in the snow at my grandparent's house whenever I had the opportunity. I would tag along with Jason and his friends proving my toughness and tenacity to the crew.  I would freeze and complain, but wouldn't leave until someone or something made me go inside to thaw out just enough to come back out later.  

My children continue to surprise me with their likes and dislikes as they develop their leadership skills.  Malena will not do anything that she doesn't feel like doing.  Caity wants to be the first to experience anything that is new for bragging rights just as any typical first-born. Colin will do things on his terms and will go longer and play harder than the girls combined.  

When we woke up to Narnia, as Chris put it, I knew exactly how the early morning would go.   Caity got up earlier than usual to be the first to walk and sing  (singing is always involved) in the fresh blanket of white.  Malena was up too, but wouldn't go out until I got dressed.  Once Colin decided to obey and put on his winter attire, he went out and played until lunchtime.  Not even once were all the kids outside playing together.  They have built in playmates.  I just don't get it; never will.  

Here is an extremely edited version of the big snow in Memphis.