Dec 12, 2008

Ha! Tricked you!

The sweet innocence of Malena is being replaced by her growing 'little/big sister' personality which is always looking for a laugh to repay her antics.  The latest one involves the Tooth Fairy tradition.  Malena has a rubber ring that has lost a petal.  I saw it on the ground and thought that it was a tooth.  That gave her the idea to trick the fairy into thinking that it is indeed an actual tooth.  Malena has put the petal under her pillow to wait for the fairy to place a few coins in it's place for a few nights.  Since the Tooth Fairy has missed our house before (OOPS)  and taken a few days to get their money, she has not given up her hope that she can cash out on this rubber petal.  I was guiding Malena to the decision to not trick the fairy, but she thinks it is hysterical that the Fairy will leave the house with just a rubber petal.  It is dark after all.  She doesn't care about the money which is comforting.  She just gets a kick out of tricking people, and wants to big just like Caity who has already gotten several visits from the Tooth Fairy.    


Anonymous said...

That is too funny. The tooth fairy should leave fake money!