Oct 25, 2008

Fabulous Fall

Chris and I made an unconscious decision to embrace all that fall has to offer for us.  We have lived here in Memphis for six years and never joined in any of the fall traditions.  Maybe it is because we are constantly reminded that Boo is getting older and wanting to savor every bit of  her young childhood she has left, or it could be as simple as not being pregnant or breastfeeding for the first time in  the last eight years that we feel the call to join in with the other crazy families in the community events.  

So far this year, we have enjoyed museums, corn mazes, parks, inviting more people into our home, reaching out and connecting with other young families, and last night going to the zoo for some good wholesome Halloween fun.  
Perhaps I am making too big of a deal out of these simple experiences, but on this Saturday morning I am watching three of the most wonderful kids sit down TOGETHER to watch James and the Giant Peach while laughing and joking with one another and I am overwhelmed.  How did this happen?  OK, I know HOW, but it has hit me that our family is complete. 
 In the past, I would be sitting here wondering what we would be like with just one more baby and day dreaming about a bigger home, nicer things, or just a different set of circumstances altogether.  I sat down for the first time and was just grateful.  
This feeling comes after one of the worst weeks as far as parenting goes.  Colin is my greatest challenge and I am still learning the balancing act of mom, teacher, counselor, playmate, wife, volunteer, homemaker and friend.  I failed horribly this week.  I was not the mom or any of my given roles that I want to be.  I don't have a success story of how I have gotten out of this 'Mom Funk' I am going through this month.  I just have a content and hopeful heart that next week will be better.  Either that or it's the two cups of coffee I have downed this morning talking.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun. I did a double take of you in the first picture. If you take the long hair off you look like Midge.
Love to all