Sep 29, 2008

The Great And The Not So Great

We pulled off the big surprise,  and it was fantastic seeing all the family again.   We celebrated birthdays with family, had swim lessons, and saw beautiful Show Low with its carpet of flowers, saw Jason's team play, Natalie's band, "Pumped" our bodies, said good-bye to gray and hello to blonde, climbed Camelback, debated, picked veggies and berries from the garden, and so much more.   The big surprise came when we got home.  We opened the door to an 'off' sort of smell.  I thought it was just our cats letting us know their displeasure of being left alone for that long.  Turns out it was a leak in our bathroom.  We now have a nice hole in our living room ceiling.  Our Cable box quit on us and my car has a flat.  Vacation was nice and now reality has greeted us and I am ready to go back to Arizona.  All of these inconveniences will soon be fixed and forgotten, but the memories that we (kids especially) made will stay in our minds forever.  I had planned on posting pictures and reminiscing, but the real world is beckoning me to snap to it and take care of things.  To those that we saw, thank you for the laughs, love, and priceless memories. I'll post pictures soon.