Sep 19, 2008

Four Years and Full of Grace

Malena Quotes:

God ‘decorated’ us.

He is my kisser. (Talking about boyfriends during playtime.)

Mom, get me out of babyland. (Said while Colin was tackling her.)

It’s time to brush the kid’s hair. (Translation: please brush my hair.)

Stop it mom, you aren’t real! (Apparently, my English accent while reading Angelina Ballerina leaves much to be desired.)

Each day she brings laughter and joy into our home. As she turns four, Chris and I continue to be amazed with her ability to defuse any situation with her charm. Her days are spent doing playschool, coloring, making up stories, singing, dancing, and acting. The latter is a new skill she spends her time perfecting. She will be so angry, sad, scared, or some other dramatic emotion. I will go investigate and she will turn around with a huge smile and laugh, “I’m just acting mom. Don’t worry.”

She desires to be just like her big sis until that same big sister imposes her will upon her. Then she will turn stubborn and refuse to do anything that Caity desires. She wants to play with Colin until she realizes that he is just about as strong as her. They are the best of playmates and the worst of playmates.

Being stuck in the middle of the craziness can’t be easy. Not big enough for some activities and too big for others. I worry about her place in the family sometimes, but her middle name is Grace. That couldn’t be more fitting for how our half pint of love, joy, and laughter handles life.

Happy Birthday Gracie-Face!


Jenia said...

wow...four years...

the story about malena acting and trying out all different emotions reminds me of you, lindsey, in the bathroom at mingus mountain doing your 100 facial expressions...

we miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie. Your freaked me out with the date you posted. You put the 19 and not the 12th. Being a middle does have its challenges.