Jul 4, 2008

Caity Turns Eight!

It is absolutely impossible that our 'baby' just turned eight. I can't even begin to express how much I love the 'Boo". She rolls her eyes when we call her that and countless of other things that we do to embarrass her. She recently said that we have a weird family. I guess in her eyes parents, that do the things that we do, are weird. I prefer to think that someday she will see these days as the best days. Chris and I will for sure.

As parents of Caitlyn, we are beyond blessed. Caity is a wonderfully complicated, forever giving, deep down sweet-to-the-core little girl. Excuse me, she isn't a little girl anymore. She is a big girl who teaches us about ourselves, the world, and ensures we know just where she stands on important life issues. She is spectacular big sister who is adored by both of her siblings. Yes, I know It is only her eighth birthday. I also know we will blink and another eight years will pass, and she will be on the heels of her own life adventures. That time will come too soon in my opinion, so for now I want to hold her tight and tell her how much we love her. Happy birthday Boo! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is all too soon that our children grow up. As parents we want to freeze them at that special age. But speaking as a parent of two children in their 30's, each new birthday brings more special moments to cherish. Caity will always be my Caity Pie even when she is 20. We love you Caity Pie. See you in a week!.

Darna said...

Wow! I think I saw her when she wasn't yet two...amazing to me how time flies, as everyone else says. How are you? Doing well, I hope. I thought of you today because a friend shared with me that she really wants to go to Tennessee (did I spell that right?) to go to Dollywood. Have you ever been? Anyway, I enjoy your blog!