Feb 21, 2008

New Do

So the haircuts were not as drastic as I thought they would be. We had a very convincing hairstylist that talked Caity out of chopping her hair all off. She decided on funky layers and bangs. Malena got some layering in the back to show off her curls while still growing out her bangs. Colin is the same, but I had to add 'little man' because he is just cute. All the pictures were taken right after a roll on the ground of sibling playtime, thus the frizzy hair. They are currently doing the same as I type and I must say that Colin is a tough little guy. He is chattering away and likes to tell his 'jokes' which we all laugh at because his laughter is infectious. He has attempted a few more steps and even a few at a time. For right now that is enough. Our whole world will change when he is on his feet.


Anonymous said...

I love the hair cuts. Caity's is very grown-up. Malena's is great to still show her curls. We need to keep those as long as they will last. I am, of course, saving these pictures to my file. Talk to you this weekend.
PS we had snow last night.