Dec 10, 2007

Reasons Two and Three why I love Colin

I don’t know if it is a boy/girl thing, just his nature, or the legacy of the ‘Martinez men’… (To be explained later) He is so EASY! Here we are now at eight months and he is sleeping through the night. I wake up in the morning still amazed at this. It has happened for a few weeks now. He literally cried for only ten minutes one night and then that was it. Now I sing him one song (I even get to chose it) and lay him down. He is out for the night!!! Now before the new moms roll your eyes and cry… I have paid my dues. The Venus children were quite the opposite. This magical moment did not happen until after the first candles were blown on their cakes. I co-habitated with Leny the first few months on the couch night after night after… Sorry, I am back now. This fact alone would be enough for my elation, but there’s more. He likes the water. I can put him in his tub and he is all about the playtime. There are squeals of delight and not torture. In fact, I have included a picture of Leny to prove that she got in the tub. This is a new thing as she usually takes a shower with me. It makes shaving very complicated, as she wants to be held during her shower. Now, I know the girls are getting picked on here, but I know the time will come when I look down at my sweet boy’s face and say…” Why can’t you be more like your sisters?”


Anonymous said...

You need to save this one of Malena in the tub. Then bring it out when she has kids to remind her of yelling that took place when she did not want to get wet. Maybe this summer she will go into a pool! Cute pictures.