Aug 10, 2008

He's a Boy!

We have begun the journey of a little man.  He now owns cars and action figures.  They look just like the little dolls that the girls have spent hours creating their own versions of reality. Apparently there is a clear difference between the two.  Seriously,  I am having a bitter sweet day watching Colin get his first batch of "BOY" toys. 

It all started when the girls asked to go look at toys and I wandered down the boy aisle in an attempt to veer our way around the crowd by the Barbies.   Colin got so excited when he saw the cars, so I picked one up that made revving noises. He voiced his approval and that was how we all came to the realization that the princes of the Disney Princesses would not be enough to keep him occupied.  
We went to dinner at a friend's house where a boy lives, and Colin was quite at home among the cars and other boy stuff.  I keep saying boy, because I now am a mom of a little boy.  My baby is quickly being knocked away with each tackle he takes from his dad.  I don't remember a distinct moment that the girls stopped being babies.  That could be because the dolls they had just got smaller and more sophisticated.   There was never a swapping moment for their toys.  In fact, they still like some of the same little girls toys.  
We went to Toyland, as Malena calls it.  The girls and I went our usual route and Chris and Colin left for some male bonding moments.  When we all met up, Colin was oohing and clapping at what he had in his hand.  He was such a happy little boy.  He is not a baby anymore. He is our little boy.  Our Little Man.


Anonymous said...

He truly is all boy. Loved the video.
mamma w